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Letters to Felice‎ (Schocken Classics)
Elisabeth Duckworth, James Stern, Jürgen Born, Erich Heller
Cutting Teeth
Julia Fierro, Lynsay Sands

'April' by David Gascoyne

April - Roger Scott, David Gascoyne

I once read a fragment of a kind of prose-poem by David Gascoyne which was transmitted on BBC Radio quite a long time ago. I remember the phrase 'Fear of nothing' being repeated and it gave me strength at a time I needed it. I have now sourced this and have the full text. However, I recently found out that he had written this novel, 'April', and managed to get hold of a copy - a limited print run numbered edition. It is quite slow (which I like) and uneventful (which I also don't mind) about an affair with a woman while he was ill - possibly highly autobiographical. So it was OK. I liked the prose-poem better. and I think Gascoyne was better as a poet than novelist.